Debt Decentralised

Joos Protocol is a dynamic, world’s first innovation. A comprehensive finance and debt management suite enabling users to lend, borrow, trade, earn and collect, crypto and fiat amidst a global peer to peer marketplace.


Lend and Borrow

Lend crypto or fiat, against digitally tokenised or secured collateral at the click of the button. Alternatively have unlimited amount of peers underwrite debts in your support. No credit checks, no personal details exposed and no credit score harm.

Credit profile

The worlds first, DLT supported, community-governed credit score database, fair, transparent and accessible for everyone. Manage your credit profile with complete transparency and use the system to perform credit checks on potential borrowers.

Debt registrar

An immutable, cryptographically secured data bank enabling lenders and borrowers from anywhere in the world, to ratify agreements and debt contracts. Digitally sign physical loans, agreements and contracts.

Debt collection

A globally distributed network of digital debt collectors using an innovative and novel shaming mechanism. Automate your collection services at the click of a button circumventing traditional roadblocks and saving you up to 10x collection costs.

Digitally collateralise assets

A token minting protocol enabling immediate liquidity, portability and assignment of proprietorship over physical assets to collateralise your finances. Issue a new token with legal rights to an asset to secure finance.

Investment grade debt

A vibrant new global marketplace enabling retail investors to crowdfund some of the worlds biggest companies and important objectives. Tokenise your debt contracts, factor finance via crowdfunding and capitalise your companies cashflow.


Alica K

Data Scientist
Citi Bank intern, Alfa bank analyst and stock market analyst/author

Taras D

Blockchain developer
Core product development leads, with vast experience in blockchain technology

Jacob L

Project Manager
Core product development leads, with vast experience in blockchain technology


Web and Blockchain Developer
Core product development leads, with vast experience in blockchain technology

Jo V

Agile specialist

Stefan D

Product Manager

Jake B

General Manager

John L

Business Manager
Harvard educated MBA Professor and lecturer on finance


Traditional Cost Model

The current debt management landscape is over complicated, highly regulated and administratively intensive. This has made processes more laborious and expensive. SO expensive that the industry status quo is “to settle debt, you need to create more of it”

Joos is an elegant and effective solution that cuts right through the red tape and unneccesary barriers to make debt more affordable and easy to manage than ever before.

As an example, see the cost of collection comparison chart shown here.

Traditional Based On Size

Under $1,000 50%
$1,000 — $5,000 25%
$5,000 — $50,000 10%
$50,000 — $500,000 15%
Over $500,000 10%

JOOS Based On Size

Under $1,000 5%
$1,000 — $5,000 5%
$5,000 — $50,000 5%
$50,000 — $500,000 5%
Over $500,000 5%

Traditional Based On Age

Under 90 days 20%
90 — 180 days 25%
6 — 12 months 33%
1 — 2 years 40%
Over 2 years 50%

JOOS Based On Age

Under 90 days 2%
90 — 180 days 2%
6 — 12 months 2%
1 — 2 years 2%
Over 2 years 2%



The Joos token is first and foremost a unit of account for the entire Joos network. The more users adopt network products, the bigger the network grows, the more utility the Joos token will have. The Joos network is different from most other crypto projects wherein the provision of essential services require the deployment of various network products or assets. As the network is dealing in debt, digital contracts and custodian assets, the entire network requires trust and the incentivizing of good behaviour. Furthermore to secure your assets, acquire adjusted terms, shift contractual obligations or deploy debt collectors, users must have an account with Joos credit. All though Joos is not a security token, the value of joos will appreciate according to the success of the network as it is a vital mechanism for this network to operate.


Ticker JOOS
Type Erc20
Total supply 2,000,000,000
Circulating supply 300,000,000



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